Pandemic Flu Information

Although there is currently no pandemic flu anywhere in the world and experts cannot predict when the next pandemic will occur, they do agree that there will be another pandemic. It is important to be informed about pandemic flu and that you begin preparations for its possible impact on you and your daily life. Being informed and being prepared for pandemic flu will also help you in any emergency or community crisis.

What the University is doing to prepare

The university’s Public Safety Team has overseen the development of Colorado State University’s pandemic flu plan. The university’s Pandemic Planning Team, at the request of the Public Safety Team, assists departments and units throughout campus in developing specific preparedness plans. It has and will continue to conduct educational sessions to inform individuals on campus about pandemic flu and how to prepare.

Pandemic Influenza Planning Guidelines And Response Plan

The University, in coordination with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment and other state and federal agencies, has to developed comprehensive guidelines for University response to a pandemic flu outbreak.

Planning For Pandemic Influenza Video Presentation

The video is an abridged version of a presentation made by the Pandemic Planning Team to Housing and Dining Services supervisors in summer 2006; at that time, it focused on a possible avian, or H5N1, pandemic. However, the planning information is applicable to all pandemic planning.

What Will Happen at CSU

In the event of a severe pandemic, alternative delivery of classes (e.g. via webcasts or videoconferencing) might be feasible. However, it might also be possible that classes could be suspended for up to 8 weeks. The University is consulting with the state’s education authorities about contingency plans in the event of suspension of classes.

If a severe pandemic occurs, Housing and Dining Services might suspend services. All students living in residence halls would be strongly encouraged to return home or find temporary shelter with family or friends. There would be limited emergency housing available for those residence hall students unable to arrange shelter off campus. Students living off-campus are strongly advised to prepare for the possibility of a pandemic by stockpiling essential food and supplies. All students are encouraged to establish a communication plan with their families prior to a pandemic.

University planning process and documents

The following documents were used by Pandemic Planning Workgroups appointed by each Vice President and Dean at Colorado State University to develop plans for the divisions and for applicable departments and units.

Employees may be asked to participate a workgroup to review and revise area plans. The information included in the plan for each area will be shared with the employees of that area.