Outdoor Event Space

(last updated 8/28/2013)

LSC Plaza 2013-2014 Renovation Policies

Procedures for the LSC Plaza during the LSC Renovation are:

  • Five spaces will be available to reserve on a daily basis.
  • No amplified sound will be permitted on the Plaza or anywhere in the vicinity of the Plaza, due to the proximity of classrooms and study space.
  • Live bands and DJs will not be permitted on this space.
  • No vehicles will be allowed.
  • This is a concrete surface.
  • All reservations are subject to change, due to the needs of the construction schedule.
  • Electric power will not be available during the renovation.
  • For larger events that need more space, please contact Event Planning Services at (970) 491-0229.


The Trees at the corner of Meridian Drive and North Drive.  

This is a grass surface where amplified sound will be allowed.  Potential disruption of traffic on Meridian Drive or North Drive will be considered for all reservations in this area.  For reservations go to - http://www.fm.colostate.edu/events/reservation.cfm

Recreation Center Patio and Basketball Courts
These are concrete spaces that can be used for multiple types of events.  Recreation needs will always have first priority.  All applicable charges will apply.  For questions call (970) 491-2011 and for reservations go to - http://campusrec.colostate.edu/AboutUs/CSUfacilityRequest.cfm

The AZ Lawn (East of Anatomy Building)
This is a grass space that can be reserved for events without amplified sound.  For reservations go to - http://www.fm.colostate.edu/events/reservation.cfm