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Student Support Services

The LSC is proud to support and house programs and services that promote personal, academic, professional development as well as diversity and multiculturalism at the University. Below are a selection of programs and services designed to support students in a variety of ways. While each office listed may emphasize a specific segment of the student body, services and programs are available to benefit all students at CSU.


Adult Learner & Veteran Services (ALVS)

Supports the academic success of adult learners and student veterans by providing programs that educate students about the value of using resources that are available at Colorado State and in the Fort Collins community. Adult Learner & Veteran Services also provides many services that support student parents, such as a breast feeding room.

8033 Campus Delivery
(970) 491-3977


Asian / Pacific American Cultural Center

The Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center provides programs and services to support the retention, graduation and success of students.  The office contributes to an inclusive campus environment by providing resources for Asian/Pacific American awareness and education.

8033 Campus Delivery
(970) 491-6154


Black / African American Cultural Center

The Black/African American Cultural Center assists African American students with their transitions to Colorado State University and throughout their academic careers by providing support and encouragement for their academic, professional, cultural, and personal development.

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(970) 491-5781


Career Center

The Career Center empowers students to pursue satisfying careers through the development of individualized career plans. Whether students are just beginning their college experience or approaching graduation, we're here to help you every step of the way. 

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(970) 491-5707


El Centro

El Centro assist Hispanic, Chicano, Mexican American, and Latino students in their academic and professional pursuits through programs that support cultural and personal development.

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(970) 491-5722


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Resource Center

The GLBT Center provides support services for GLBT students and allies of the CSU community. The office initiates, coordinates and provides educational materials, programs and professional development opportunities for all Colorado State University students, faculty and staff members on GLBT issues to help enhance a campus environment that welcomes all students, faculty and staff

8033 Campus Delivery
(970) 491-4342


Native American Cultural Center

The Native American Cultural Center assists the University in retention of Native American students through services and programs that support students' cultural, academic, professional, and personal development. Offer programs to increase awareness and appreciation of American Indian culture on campus and in the community.

8013 Campus Delivery
(970) 491-1332


Off Campus Life

Off-Campus Life provides services and programs for commuter and off-campus students living or transitioning into the Fort Collins Community. The office is best known for:  Housing Fair, On-line Rental Listings, Adopt-A-Neighbor Fall Cleanup, Party Packs, to name a few.

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(970) 491-2248


Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides confidential legal advice and counsel to full fee-paying students at no charge.

8033 Campus Delivery
(970) 491-1482