Dances and Special Event Policies

University departments and student groups may reserve facilities for dances and special events with the successful completion of an Event Registration Form. Generally, the necessity for an Event Registration Form is evaluated on qualities such as the nature and purpose of the event, amount of advertising, time of event, room capacity and expected attendance, location of room, charges for admission, student or non-student audience, professional staff members working with the event, history of the event or sponsoring group, controversial speaker, potential for protest, etc. Event Registration Forms may be obtained at Event Planning Services (Room 209, Lory Student Center, 491-0229).

Individuals and off-campus groups may use the Lory Student Center for a dance or any social party function when it is a "closed" or "invitation-only" event and no admission fees are charged. An event that is "closed" or "invitation-only" is one that may be attended only by members of the sponsoring organization and guests are individually invited by those members. Closed or invitation-only events may not be publicly advertised.

Any special event may require additional insurance.

Approved by the Lory Student Center Governing Board, March 21, 2003