Room Reservations

The Event Planning Office would love to help you organize your event, so please feel free to give us a call at 491-0229 and one of our friendly professionals will help you get the space you need and the room setup you want for your important event.

Please contact the LSC Info Desk for information about events in the LSC, 970-491-6444.

To view currently booked rooms, track reservations, or print daily event sheets, visit our publicly available and searchable room schedule.

For guest access to CSU's wireless network, professional staff event sponsors can create guest logins at this site (only faculty, staff, and students with EID logins can access the network).

Timeline for Future Student Organization and Departmental Requests

Events for Requests Taken
Summer following the 
Current Academic Year
January of the Current Academic Year    

Fall/Spring of
the following
Academic year

Mid-March of the Current Academic Year
    -Large events processed in April
      on a first-come, first-serve basis
    -Weekly Meeting requests processed
       in Late April on a first-come,
       first-serve basis