New Year New LSC: Renovation

Faces of the LSC


Our Mission

In our mission to re-create the historic photo from 1960 celebrating the coming of the new Lory Student Center we sought out current student leaders who represent the CSU campus community and are unified in their love for the Lory Student Center and the programs it houses.

The Celebration

Students chosen for the photo will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate as honored guests for the 50th LSC Celebration in Fall of 2012.
  • Meet the alumni who posed in the original photo.
  • Help select items for the time capsule.
  • Participate in the Homecoming Parade.
  • Meet senior leadership at Colorado State University such as President Tony Frank.
  • Return as an honored guest for the 75th and 100th Celebration of the Lory Student Center.

Meet the new Faces of the LSC Here!