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LSC Master Plan

Architects Perkins+Will discuss with students about their vision for the future Lory Student Center

Over the past several years, the Lory Student Center has worked with the campus community to craft a master plan which will serve as a guide to how we might grow and change in the coming years.  Input into this current draft has come from students, staff, faculty, as well as outside consultants.  We have talked with ASCSU, Conference Services, Admissions and other key groups on campus who use our facilities.  We have met with our colleagues from peer institutions to assess best practices and ways we might implement specific initiatives into our master plan.

The master plan is a fluid document which changes as the needs of our constituents change.  It is not a step-by-step action plan, but rather a way for the Lory Student Center to cast a vision for what may lie ahead.  In short, the master plan is a vehicle for ensuring the Lory Student Center continues to meet the needs of students and others in the community as we move into the future.

There were five goals identified in the master plan:

  • Renovate the Theatre to make it a flexible, multipurpose auditorium venue.
  • Expand the Ballroom by 6,000 square feet to accommodate a growing campus population.  In doing so, we would capitalize on the increased space on the upper level of the building by expanding the food court on the main level.
  • Co-locate the offices of Student Diversity Programs and Services (formerly known as the Advocacy offices).
  • Integrate the Lory Student Center with exterior program spaces to support campus and community events.  This includes the lagoon, west lawn, amphitheater, and sculpture garden.
  • Address the aging HVAC and infrastructure needs associated with a 50-year-old building.

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