New Year New LSC: Renovation

LSC History

In 2012, the Lory Student Center celebrated it's 50th Anniversary of being "The Center of Life" at Colorado State University.

On April 19, 1960, Colorado State broke ground on the new Lory Student Center, named after Charles A. Lory, CSU's President from 1909 to 1940. The 160,000 square foot facility was completed in 1962. Pictured below are the student body leaders from 1960:


  • Jim Hindman, Collegian Editor
  • Nancy Allen, Student Union Board
  • Nancy Williams, Silver Spruce Editor
  • Lory Tyler, Associated Women Students President
  • Nancy Mitchell, Former Second Vice President
  • Bill Neighbors, Associated Students President
  • Dennis Repp, Former First Vice President of Associated Students

The LSC has seen a lot of history throughout the decades and has continually been the place of gathering for the Colorado State and Fort Collins communities in times of local and international celebrations and tragedies.  Continue to watch this site for more information about the celebration and for LSC's history during its 50 years of service to the community.

If you wish to become involved in the planning the celebration or to be informed about future events, please email us with your interest.

CSU Student Center Designer Borrows Idea from History

Warren Lowe, Rocky Mountain News, November 29, 1961

A Denver engineering firm dipped back in history about 300 years to come up with a solution for the theater now under construction in the $3 million student center at Colorado State University, in Ft. Collins.

The result is the "camp stool" design of the pre-pressed concrete supports for the walls and roof supports of the theater, now about half completed.

James M. Hunter, Boulder architect, designed the theater to obtain the best possible acoustical qualities. A stage whisper, he said, will be heard in the last row as plainly as in the first.

The curing roof and ceiling, called a catenary, is higher at the back than the front, where it dips above the orchestra pit. The design presented structural engineering problems.

Ib Falk Jorgensen Consulting Engineers, Denver, structural consultant for Hunter, worked out the solutions.

"The catenary principle dates back to Galileo," Jorgensen said Tuesday. "It's somewhat like a chain, anchored at both ends with a long drop between.

"For the CSU theater, the catenary design resulted in what Hunter calls the 'camp stool shape' reinforced concrete support, which will support the corners, but not the full weight of the roof.

"The root is 105 by 122 feet and is of 4.5 thick concrete. With the natural tendency of the shape to sag and pull in the end walls, this size and weight, plus anticipated snow-loads and the effects of wind, presented some engineering problems," Jorgenson said.

The tendency to sag would result in deflection of an estimated 4.5 inches, enough to crack corners.

The deflection will be reduced to an insignificant 1-10th of an inch by the use of pre-stressed and post-stressed cables through the concrete.

Supporting the roof weight is an inverted concrete arch, which causes all resultant forces to be vertical.

General contractor on the building, which as started last summer and is scheduled for completion in the spring 1962, is Hensel Phelps Construction Co. of Greely.

Student Center Hostesses

Source: Silver Spruce, 1962

The Student once staffed a team of "Student Center Hostesses." The Student Center Hostesses, sporting green skirts and white blazers, under the leadership of Marla Smith, served as CSU's official hostesses. The women had at least a 2.0 grade average plus poise and personality. Their main jobs were conducting tours, promoting Center activities and acquainting freshmen, transfer students and guests with the new Student Center. During the year, they sponsored the Student Center Open House, Activities Night and Club Holiday.

Back Row: Sheulah Nelson, Janie Lou Mulen, Linda Sue Graham, Elaine Dunn, Murel Loloff, Diane Reger, Karyl Gilmore, Anne Heermann, Edith Fedinec, Pat O'Hearn.

Front Row: Charl Lee Samuels, Pres.; Kathy Evans, Vice Pres.; Alta Chapin, Sec.; Joanne Magnuson, JoVonne Parker, Lisa Thomsic, Nancy Foehl, Sandy Dunbar, Barara Bender, Barbara Jo Allen.


Student Center Board (Johnson Hall)

Here's a historic photo from the Student Center's past. The Student Center Board (Johnson Hall), circa 1961.

Back row: Bill Wilson, Bill Fanning, Dean Johnson, Fleeta Rowland, Roxie Romine, John McClave, Kathy Evans, Jim Campbell (Activities Manager), Ken McAfferty (Student Center Director), Wilbur Garfield.

Front Row: John Horne, Timi Carlson, Francis Gonzalas, Fye Pilcher, Marcine Marquardt, Fred Foss, Steve Atkinson (President)