Lory Student Center Governing Board

The purpose of the LSC Governing Board is to improve the student center operations and offerings. The board is comprised of student members, a graduate assistant advisor, and the LSC Executive Director. The group meets weekly or bi-weekly to discuss, debate, and vote on policies and proposals. LSC Governing Board members help guide the Student Center executives with functions such as budgets, student fees, food court operations, renovation ideas, and much more. Student members maintain an active liaison relationship with LSC departments and other committees to share information related to the diverse areas in which the LSC functions.

Lunch On Us

The LSCGB sponsors a monthly "Lunch On Us" program as an opportunity to discuss your ideas related to current operations, suggestions to the physical facilities and programming ideas for the future.


The LSC Governing Board meets at 5:15 p.m. on Thursdays in the LSC Governing Board Room 380. Please call ahead of time for upcoming meetings or to schedule an appointment.

Exception Requests

The LSCGB receives and makes decisions on exception requests to LSC policies. If you have an event or program that will need an exception to our policies, please complete the Exception Request Form and submit it to the LSCGB.