Colab Staff

Doni Luckutt, Director

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As Director of Marketing for Colab: The Lory Student Center Marketing Shop, Doni Luckutt strives to bring an integrative marketing approach to the LSC.  With the philosophy that marketing is serious work--but not as effective without adding a dash of fun--she strives to foster energy and vitality in the office.  This approach combines experience in journalism, public relations and new media technology, as well as marketing. Previously, she served as Chief Marketing Officer at Simply Alive!, a manufacturing company distributing lifestyle products to retail stores globally; as Regional Marketing Director for Great Expectations, and in territory marketing for Johnson and Johnson and Pepsi Cola. Luckutt often contributes to print and broadcast media nationwide. A proud alumna, Luckutt holds a BA from Colorado State and an MBA from the University of Denver.


Maggie Adams, Marketing Coordinator

P: (970) 491-4898

A California native, and recent transplant from Utah, Maggie Adams is excited to join Colab as the Marketing Coordinator. Adams graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from California State University, San Bernardino in 2002.  Her work experience includes positions as Senior Graphic Designer and Manager with MGM MIRAGE, HDI (HelpDesk Institute), Wyoming Main Street, Rawlins-Carbon County Chamber of Commerce, and Augason Farms.  Design and communication is her passion and she is looking forward to bringing her leadership skills to the Colab team. In her spare time, Adams enjoys spending time with her 14 year old son, Cole and 7 year old daughter, Paige. She also enjoys photography, reading, bowling, going to the movies, riding bikes, cake decorating and traveling.


Philip Hastings, Digital Design Coordinator

P: (970) 491-1985

Philip Hastings is a Western New York native and RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) graduate with work experience that includes global brand experience with Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Kodak, Citibank and JBS. Philip brings a passion for consumer-centric and results-oriented design to the CoLab team.

Outside of the CoLab Marketing Department you’ll find Philip and his family exploring the Rocky Mountains from the comforts of their Jeep, attending CSU football games or in the pit at a local punk rock show.


Taylor Rauch, Marketing Creative

P: (970) 491-6918

Taylor Rauch is a fourth year Business Marketing student at Colorado State minoring in Media Studies. Raised in the sleepy town of Evergreen, Colorado, Taylor has become a highly active college student who enjoys living every moment to its' fullest. As a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, who’s purpose is advocating for breast cancer education and awareness, you can find her participating in many philanthropy events throughout the year. Last fall she became a marketing intern for the CSU Men’s Hockey Team as well. You may find her managing promotional branding tasks or organizing game day operations. When Taylor isn’t working at Colab she enjoys watching Netflix, going to concerts, boating at Horsetooth and traveling. As senior year has arrived, Taylor is ecstatic to discover the many opportunities that await.


Max Ratkai, Graphic Design Creative

P: (970) 491-2811 |

Max Ratkai is a junior majoring in Graphic Design. Born and raised in Colorado, he finds inspiration for his art in the vast mountains, forests, and sunsets. With a strong background traditional fine arts, Ratkai hopes to expand his design skills through Colab and bring a unique artistic style to the team. Ratkai has held a variety of jobs in the past and knows Colab will help him toward his desired career as a professional graphic designer. When Ratkai is not painting, drawing, or designing, he loves spending time with friends and family, going to concerts, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking.


Cameron Kinchen, Graphic Design Creative

P: (970) 491-0703

Cameron Kinchen is a junior majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Information Science and Technology. Born and raised in Thornton Colorado, and ventured up to the beautiful town of Fort Collins to pursue an education.  With a passion for the arts sprouting at such a young age, Kinchen explores new means of expressing his creativity on a daily basis; thus hoping to further his graphic design education through Colab. Outside of designing and drawing, he enjoys listening to music (primarily Blink-182 and anything pop punk), being immersed in the outdoors, snowboarding, watching the Colorado Avalanche play and simply hanging out with friends.


Jackson Aldern, Graphic Design Creative

P: (970) 491-6918

A freshman in the 2014-2015 school year, Jackson Aldern is an enthusiastic graphic artist and designer that has lived in Colorado all of his life. His passions include art, music, and activism. He has played the drums in different local bands since he was 12, and is currently studying art and graphic design at Colorado State University. He hopes to contribute artistic marketing techniques to Colab in an efficient and creative manner.


Emily Morris, Graphic Design Creative

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Emily Morris is a third year Landscape Architecture student at CSU with an eagerness for learning all creative trades. Raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, those towering beauties have embedded a hunger for exploration deep within her soul. She lives to discover the most isolated areas of nature out there, especially the ones that take blood, sweat, and tears to find -- a phenomenon she calls, “type two fun”. When Emily combines this intensity and exploration with her design work, amazing things happen. This creative lady seeks challenge far and wide and is eager to meet new challenge, as well as expand her creative boundaries, in her time with Colab. When she is not lost in a design, or running around in the wild, she thoroughly enjoys rock climbing, watching disgustingly happy movies, dancing all crazy, tearing through books, and spending time with the strange people she calls friends and family.


Justin Cox, Graphic Design Creative

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Justin is a first year student (soon to be sophomore) majoring in Marketing. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, he came Fort Collins to get an education at Colorado State University. Justin has always had a passion for art and graphic design and draws inspiration from everything around him. Justin loves graphic design and the aesthetic appeal and visual communication he can supply through his own creativity. Justin aspires to develop and improve his design skills in Colab as well as gain marketing experience. When Justin is not designing you can find him cheering on the Colorado Avalanche, golfing, playing hockey, or exploring Colorado’s great outdoors.