Catering FAQ

Are linens included?

White linens are always included for the service table when Catering is used. In addition, all linen and table skirting for other tables used during the event may be included with the purchase of a full catered meal. See the listing below for linens to use with various table set ups. Linens may be pressed if requested at least 3 weeks prior to your event. The cost of pressing depends upon the dry cleaning/laundering business used and its rates.  Arrangements for colored linens can be made with advance notice.  Please contact your catering coordinator for pricing and availability.

How much does catering cost at CSU?

We offer a wide array of menu items at various prices. Most lunches range from $9 - $15 (pricing includes a light dessert). Most dinners range from $15 - $20 (pricing includes a light dessert). Full menus are located on this website with their prices. Menus may or may not include dessert with the entrée items; if it is not included, please see the 'Dessert' menu for various choices. Arrangements can be made for clients experiencing budgeting constraints.

When do I make payment for the catering?

Catered event billing occurs post event due to last minute changes or unexpected guests. An invoice is mailed about 3 – 5 business days after the event. Deposits are always appreciated to off-set the initial costs of food and or beverage products for your event. Full payment is collected one week after receipt of the invoice.

Is there a standard order depending on the time of day?

Each customer creates their own unique menu based on the needs of their guests and style of meeting. Generally, morning fare consists of hot coffee, refreshing fruits and sweet rolls while afternoon tastes may call for lemonade, sodas, and trail mix with chocolate. Check our 'Take a Break Menus', also time frame specific, for quick and easy menus.

How many cups are in a gallon?

16 eight-ounce cups are in one gallon. Catering provides various sizes of china mugs, paper, or plastic cups with each of our various beverages allowing approximately 16 servings per gallon.

How much food do you provide?

  • Buffets: Approximately 10% additional to allow for seconds
  • A la Carte, Box Lunches, Plated Entrees: Only the specific amount ordered will be provided for your event.

What is the minimum amount of food provided?

The minimum amount is dependent upon your final count. The final count is needed 72 business hours (9 – 5pm Monday thru Friday) prior to the event. This also determines the minimum charges that we can bill you for. Counts received after this period will be left up to the Head Chef and Catering Director. Increases may be accepted, however, decreases will not be accommodated. We cannot credit your bill if guests who have made RSVP do not attend the event.

Can additional food be made for unexpected guests?

In most cases, yes, but it may not be one of the entrees on your predetermined menu. Likewise, it is up to the chef's discretion whether or not a non-vegetarian meal is provided. The Food Court located on the Main level of the LSC may also be utilized in the event that Catering cannot provide additional entrees during emergency situations. This situation rarely occurs for buffet style food service due to the 'unlimited' connotation that buffet implies.

Can you accommodate special meals?

We are able to provide various meals designed to meet special diets such as mild gluten intolerances, lactose intolerance, diabetics, and vegans. We are unable to provide meals to individual tastes and cannot accommodate personal preferences. We highly encourage individuals who experience severe allergies to provide their own food due to cross-contamination that may occur in our kitchen.

Are my menu choices applied to all guests or can they choose during the event?

All menu choices are decided on prior to the day of the event. In the case of buffets with multiple entrée choices, the person making the arrangements for the party decides what everyone will have to eat. This is also the case when ordering a plated entrée for a sit-down meal that has multiple sauces. Special accommodations can be arranged under certain circumstances and is still left up to Catering's discretion.

Can you accommodate my setup and audio visual needs?

Catering can only assist you with those needs that arise from the table cloth up. Please call the Event Planning Office at 491-0229 for available rental space, table layouts, and equipment that can be used or rented.

Is the bar open in the University Club?

All alcohol is served by Catering and must also be arranged in conjunction with food service. The University Club is available for members to host private events. You may reserve it thru the Event Planning Office. No alcohol may be brought into the Lory Student Center as we hold a full State Liquor License. Full compliance with the liquor license requires we provide a bartender to ensure service to legally aged people. Please see the 'Bar Services' section for policies, prices, and various brands of alcohol offered.

Does the Lory Student Center cater weddings?

Weddings and other privately attended events are often hosted in the Lory Student Center. Please inquire about availability with the Event Planning Office at 970-491-0229. All Catering is provided by LSC Catering. Outside catering is not allowed. The only exception is for wedding cakes which may be purchased from any bakery. Also see the 'Policies' page for more detailed information.