BCI: Rewards/Recognition

TimelineLSC Brand Champion Meeting
Thursday, May 8, 2014 – LSC Room 222
Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Location TBA


During these meetings, we will discuss the Rewards & Recognition section of the Brand Champion Timeline.





Brand Champion

Final Meeting: Rewards and Recognition

July 2, 2014

·      Student recognition suggestions:

o   Employee of the month (student award)

§  Only recognize those deserving, each department DOES NOT have to pick someone each month

·      Those recognized will be entered into a drawing and 5 names will be selected to be featured in the digital signage around the LSC for that month

·      ALL students recognized for the award will receive letters of recognition for their resumes

o   Signed by executive directors and office supervisors

o   Colab would design certificate

o   Ramcash card worth 5$ were discussed; however this would violate purchasing policy, even if in trade.

o   Discount card for food in the LSC

§  See if Carl’s Jr, Taco Bell, or Panda will contribute a free soda for exceptional LSC employees

o   Employee of the month parking spot reserved in the LSC parking lot for the student if we can work this out with Facilities.

o   Ibox uses a point system for rewards

§  When someone does a good job, they get a point

·      Student orgs organize into teams and when you get a certain amount of points, you get a prize

o   Travelling trophy

§  People pass it on to different departments each month for a job well done

o   Award outstanding students who are graduating at the end of the year

·      Professional Staff recognition suggestions:

o   Everyone enjoyed the discount Carls Jr, Taco Bell, and Panda gave to pro staff in the previous years

o   Award banquet at the end of the year

§  Maybe only for LSC service awards


·      Clarified that “unstarred” items on the wishlists are those that will be made available to everyone at the LSC

·      Make sure everyone submits the projects with stars next to them on their wishlists to function point by July 7, 2014 if they want the project to be completed by the beginning of school

o   It will be assumed that the department does not want to move forward with the project if it is not submitted in time

·      Anyone who has projects that do not need to be completed by the beginning of school, or that will take additional preparation on the department’s end -- need to notify Sydney Shalz at lsc_marketing2@mail.colostate.edu and let her know a general time frame of when they will need the project completed.