BCI: Leadership

TimelineLSC Brand Champion Meeting

Thursday, April 17, 2014 – LSC Room 222


During this meeting, we will discuss the Leadership section of the Brand Champion Timeline.




Brand Champion Notes – Leadership


The Lory Student Center’s new graphic has been dispersed for the first time on Friday at I Love CSU Day.

·      The next time the Graphic will be distributed is for the LSC Seniors Graduation collateral.

·      After that, it probably will not have major use until the building reopens.

·      If anyone needs the new LSC graphic, contact Doni at Colab- dluckutt@mail.colostate.edu or 970.491.1676

The Lory Student Center Executive Director Staff web page can be reached here… http://www.sc.colostate.edu/building-directors-and-managers.aspx

The Internal Communication Theme will now be put through a voting process with Directors and then the LSC Governing Board. Once a final Internal Communication theme is picked, final materials will begin to be made.

**Two departments were absent from the BCI meeting and still need to vote, so please note that the final vote outcome (from the BCI meeting) may change.

Department Wish Lists

·      If you haven’t set up a meeting with Doni, set one up and give us your wish list.

·      We will provide a list of what every office is getting from its wish list

Organizational Leadership – Based on the best-selling book “Good to Great,” by Tom Collins

·      People that are true leaders, have the big picture, and the details, in mind. Leaders take the hints now, knowing that they have faith in the future that in the end it will work out.

·      The key to motivating an unmotivated employee isn’t about telling them to  “do this”– it’s about leading them to affect that change. Some people don’t fit in all areas, that is why you have to look ahead, and see how they will be in the future. How will we sustain our greatness in the future?

·      A leaders’ goal is to motivate, to inspire action.


Leadership Part II - PowerPoint



Next time: People Leadership: Learn how to identify and empower leaders.