BCI: Introduction

BCI Timeline: Introduction Each department's Brand Champion Initiative representatives should discuss with their department director how information should flow to that director. Does he/she want to see information before disseminating to department?  Does the Director want to review information after information comes from the department and before it comes to the BCI meeting?  Does the director want to participate along with staff and let the department's BCI team handle the process?  Find out how your director wants to be involved and make sure to communicate accordingly.

If your department is set up differently, please make sure to create an information flow that works for you, using the details below to understand what is necessary to make final decisions.

Brand Champion (LSCBC) --Decision Making Role

This position attends all BCI meetings or assigns a proxy to do so.  LSCBCs take information obtained at the meeting and share it with the Department Champion and Ambassador.  When information comes back to the LSCBC to bring to the next BCI meeting, the BCI group will discuss and decipher information obtained from each department's staff.  LSCBCs will use this information, plus director input, to help make final decisions for his or her department.

Department Champion (DC)—Leadership and Informational role

As the DC acquires information from the LSCBC, he or she will distribute this information to department staff members and take a leadership role in helping explain the process, value and provide details regarding information being sought from department staff.

Department Ambassador (DA)—Motivational, Administrative role

The DA motivates staff to complete necessary information, takes or gathers notes, and provides the LSCBC with said information to bring back to the BCI meetings by specified deadlines.  Make sure to allow time for your department BCI team to discuss collected information and share with the department director so the LSCBC is clear on input coming from the department when he or she attends BCI meetings.

Note:  The gray arrows denote direction of information flow

Download the Roles & Information Flow page here (PDF)


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