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BCI: CommunicationLSC Brand Champion Meeting Notes
Friday, January 10, 2014 – Click here
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Friday, February 21, 2014 


yes  REMINDER: Should you need help, Doni is available to discuss details of this "brand demeanor" assignment with you or your group. To request assistance, please email her at dluckutt@mail.colostate.edu


February 21 Meeting

Please get input on the Lory Student Center Logos below, however you may see fit – ask for input via email, in person, at meeting, etc. and email results of the logo choices (concept 1, concept 2a, concept 2b, concept 3, or none) to MIke at lsc_social_media@mail.colostate.edu by the end of the business day next Friday, March 7, 2014.


2.21.2014 Brand Champion Meeting Notes


  • You can find all information needed for the Brand Champion Meeting here on the Brand Champion Website
  • The new LSC graphics are available to review above


Brand Demeanor Homework Outcome Examples – Communications


  • Pragmatic - A problem solving, results oriented perspective
  • Ambitious - A strong desire that drives us toward success and excellence
  • Engaged - A friendly openness tat leads to acceptance and collaboration
  • Innovative -  A creative and inventive approach to achieving success
  • Global - An inclusive perspective that encompasses the world
  • Authentic - A genuine and inspired commitment to CSU’s core principles


  • Pragmatic- Accurately portraying what ASCSU does for all students
  • Ambitious- Always be looking for new projects
  • Engaged- Focus on ‘How to get involved’
  • Global- Be more intentional & accessible to international students
  • Authentic- Branding

Business Services

  • Pragmatic- We want to give staff training on how to make decisions on their own
  • Ambitious- Create a LSC staff meeting annually which relays goals from the top down
  • Engaged- How to greet in a proper way, create start to finish training
  • Innovative- Keep up to date internally with technology
  • Global- Be more culturally adept
  • Authentic- LSC CSU shirts – create a dress code. Common look. Example: how everyone can spot a staff member of the Athletics department

Campus Activities

  • Pragmatic- Problem solving for every different program or customer – seek to understand at a deeper level
  • Ambitious- Have a transformational impact on the life of every student
  • Engaged- Wide continuum of ways to engage with Campus Activities – programs, Flea Market, Art, iBox Service, etc. – be welcoming and helpful to people who interact with us
  • Innovative- Incorporating diversity into mainstream practices and art into campus life
  • Global- Open communication with diversity offices, organizations and clubs – be aware of what other departments are doing
  • Authentic- Learning environment, encourage creation of learning moments

Campus Life Cluster

  • Pragmatic- SLS makes every effort to refer students to other resources when SLS cannot help the student or make additional help by others will be useful to the student.
  • Ambitious- OCL- We regularly conduct over 150 presentations, events and programs each year with a staff of five students and four professional staff.
  • Engaged- SLS we encourage in open and continuous conversation with our student employees about their classes and aspirations, and we offer our assistance as they search for jobs and build their identities and lives.
  • Innovative- Career Center: our new space will have a room called the innovation hub – perhaps able to be reserved by student groups for brainstorming
  • Global- ALVS: Providing opportunities for learning about each other. Welcoming a broad population of students (veterans, parents, older students, grads etc.)
  • Authentic- Every person in the broad Ram community contributes every day to the creation of a new idea, new expression, new effort to improve the lives of others.


  • Pragmatic- Future Focus – meetings with supervisors every week
  • Ambitious- 360 evaluations- always looking for feedback from not only peers, but supervisors as well
  • Engaged- Kudos- any staff member can write a kudos card to another  member of Colab for above and beyond work done within and outside of the office.
  • Innovative- We use Function Point to manage all systems, which gives not only staff internally, but clients access to how their project is going.
  • Global- Inspirations- during staff meetings we bring in pieces of inspiration and compile them in one book so if any staff member needs inspiration in their field, they can refer to this book for ideas.
  • Authentic- Branding/ Internal communication. Our branding and internal communication keeps everything authentic and universally similar. Keeping brand is always very important.

CSU Bookstore

  • Pragmatic-
  • Ambitious-
  • Engaged-
  • Innovative-
  • Global-
  • Authentic-

Dining Services

  • Pragmatic- Establish a consistent and mandatory training program for career and student staff that focuses on customer service, point of sale practices and food safety.
  • Ambitious- Enter food competitions and contests. LSC Catering once won the Grand Champion Award at NACUFS. Host our own competitions i.e. best chili or chocolate chip cookie. Invite chefs/food people from the community to serve as judges. Peer recognition is very important in the food industry.
  • Engaged- Encourage collaboration between dining services and other LSC departments.
  • Innovative- Identify and address current food trends. Be proactive in changing menus in retail areas. Experiment with new food items by offering limited time specials or free samples. Follow up with brief customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Global- Have welcome signs in different languages throughout the building. Advertise special events, especially cultural events in different languages. Target the students in the Intensive English Program at Alder Hall with posters produced by LSC Marketing in their language. A template for posters could make it easy in change languages as the different groups of students come to campus.
  • Authentic- Kick up our efforts to ‘Go Green’. Explore composting possibilities. Walk the Talk!

Executive Director’s Office

  • Pragmatic- Ensure LSC rules and policies are flexible when needed, and in line with our mission, values, and guiding principles.
  • Ambitious- Every customer has a positive experience with every interaction during every visit
  • Engaged- We view ourselves as educators
  • Innovative- We anticipate that students needs will change over time, driving our flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Global- We cannot be excellent without being inclusive in everything we do
  • Authentic- We embrace the land grant mission and direct available resources for student success.


  • Pragmatic- Measure and celebrate/challenge ourselves utilizing solicited customer feedback
  • Ambitious- Create ‘stretch’ goals – dreams are the seeds of great ideas
  • Engaged- Practice proactive engagement with the clientele. No more headphones.
  • Innovative- Create and utilize a message board to facilitate program solving and promote alternative methods to achieve similar/better results
  • Global- Conduct best practices for environmental sustainability
  • Authentic- Create an Ambassador Program


  • Pragmatic- Provide tools to students like ‘RamLink’ – Show more students how to get involved.
  • Ambitious- Continue to role model
  • Engaged- Remain active on campus
  • Innovative- Investing more in staff attending conferences, workshops, classes and other professional development opportunities that provide exposure to new ideas and new ways of thinking
  • Global- Think of all cultures. Reach out to authors from different cultures.
  • Authentic- Connect individually with students

SDPS Cluster

  • Pragmatic- Each office may have a different way of providing services and programs to the populations they serve but all offices are continuously evaluating programs and services to assist with student success, persistence and retention efforts.
  • Ambitious- All of the SDPS offices continue to strive for excellence for the student populations we serve by providing resources and education, while also building and developing community.
  • Engaged- Each office strives to create positive environments for students to feel welcomed and/or support while providing outreach efforts and working in collaboration with other departments.
  • Innovative- All seven offices are creative, resourceful and collaborative in providing programs and services for student success to engage in critical dialogues, attend events, participate in activities and work toward social change.
  • Global- The cluster works in intersections of identity and multiple perspectives and strives to enhance the lives of the students we work with. We work to balance the needs of the many with the needs of the few.
  • Authentic- At our core, we provide dedicated and equitable access for student’s success to help with their personal discovery at CSU. We provide opportunities for students to grow, learn and develop into transformed individuals

January 31 Meeting


  • The New Lory Student Center video is available by clicking here, to share through the Student Center web page or the Lory Student Center’s YouTube channel. Search the video’s name: New Year New LSC – Colorado State University.

  • You can now find all information needed for the Brand Champion Meeting here on the New Brand Champion Website (thanks Jeannie in Off Campus Life for the suggestion!).

  • While you’re thinking of individual department themes, also focus on what the Lory Student Center’s overall theme should be. How can we make communication fun?Colab onboarding itinerary

  • Are you sure you know how your directors want to be involved? Would they like to see information before sending to the department? Do they want to be a part of every decision made? Or do they want to only know of the final outcome? It’s essential to work with department directors in this process.


  1. Brand Demeanor compilation form
    1. Please share with your Directors and gage their desired level of involvement in this process
    2. Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to gather the information you need and have it complied for the next meeting
  2. Watch for themes within your staff data
    1. Be prepared to make suggestions for the next meeting
    2. Examples: Five-star hotel, adventure/travel
  3. Brainstorm components for your department’s section in the guidebook
    1. Do not have to have these sections complete, just come with a list of ideas of what you would like to see for your department


  • LSC theme: how can we make it fun? Each department should come up with a theme for the LSC as a whole
    • Examples: Five-star hotel, Colab’s theme is Indiana Jones – Adventure/travel

LSC Handbook Discussion

  • SLiCE: concern with employee handbook and being green. Put handbook on USB drive
    • This will vary for each department, based on their needs
    • Colab will make print, digital (usb and web) available.
  • We will have an overall LSC handbook with a section for each department
    • Smaller books for each department – direct to each job and department
      • Ex. James Salon handbook
    • Each department should keep a running, “live” handbook - Find similarities
  • Human Resources - not focused on hiring...hiring is specific to a department
    • Main handbook is not specific, it is for everyone
    • We reviewed the Colab hiring process
      • Training: 5 day process
      • Some self-guided
    • Workflow process
      • James Salon has “points of difference”
  • Spend some time figuring out what is your department’s workflow
  • How can you department make each employee feel special?
  • What sections does your guidebook need to include? 

January 10 Meeting


During the January 10 meeting, we discussed the specific parts of CSU’s brand demeanor and how all of the departments can work together to live the CSU brand. These consist of being pragmatic, ambitious, engaged, innovative, global, and authentic. These terms and their definitions can be found on the back page of the green brand booklet provided in the front pocket of your BCI binders.

  • Each department should come up with three to six suggestions, whether specific or big picture, pertaining to your department and how you and your staff can emulate the CSU brand demeanor.
  • If you think of solutions for other areas/departments please share. These comments will be able to be made online through the LSC Brand Champion website.
Components of the CSU Brand Demeanor were discussed - - 
We will discuss the remainder at the next meeting
Suggestions on how to achieve each Brand Demeanor trait...
Pragmatic: Results Oriented
  • Examples of being pragmatic:
    • Distribute surveys to clients/customers
    • Feedback can sometimes be negative to a brand
    • Having quarterly department meetings
    • EBI survey (dining)
  • Department specific notes:
  • Off Campus Life: give them service and the tools to help with problem solving
    • Asian Pacific Cultural Center: problem to overcome  influx of Asian international students
    • Business services: more mass hiring to minimize guess work and inconsistencies
  • Overall tips for making your department pragmatic:
    • Need to find out what customers are asking for
    • Act with a purpose that creates positive outcomes
    • Take the positive back to the staff members motivating them to emulate the brand
    •  Empower staff to make decisions
    •  Make sure they know where to go to get answers
    •  Keep the end goal/results in mind from start to execution
Innovative: Achieving Success
  • Examples of being innovative:
  • Department specific notes:
    • Director’s Office: utilize the resources used by other departments to streamline orientation sign up process for students
      • Training efforts are often duplicated
      • Collaborate together to develop a more universal training session
      • More efficient for students, staff and department managers
      • Deliver same core message one time
      • Mandatory and essential trainings
      • How do we make these a success?
      • Creates consistent base; everyone starts at the same point creating a core belief that is the same
  • Overall tips for making your department innovative:
  • Being innovative is always changing; it is not static
Ambitious: Store desire for success and excellence
  • Examples of being ambitious:
    • Going above and beyond the normal call of duty to surpass expectations to make something great whether it be your department or the LSC as a whole
  • Overall tips for making your department ambitious:
    • Brand personality has to fit the impression given to people by the building in this case
      • Expectations and reality should match to make the brand effective
Notes on Customer Service
  1. Listen to the customer
    1. They want to be heard
  2. Empathize with the customer
    1. Say, “I can understand why you are upset,” not “I’m sorry.”
  3. Problem Solve (pragmatic) for the customer
    1. Do your best to find a solution, but you can’t always guarantee 100% happiness
  4. Follow-up with the customer
    1. Make sure they know you took steps to solve their problem and what you did/tried to do.
Concluding Notes
  • Every piece of brand demeanor creates a full brand personality
  • All of the following areas of brand demeanor can overlap!