Aspen Grille Faculty

Bill Franz

Apen Grille Faculty, Bill Franz Bill Franz, PhD., PHR earned his MBA in 1981 from the University of South Dakota and immediately began a career in hospitality management. During his 20 years in private industry he moved from operations management into corporate training and development, human resources, and national and international consulting to the hospitality industry. The combination of industry experience, training and development, and his education has enabled him to pursue his primary interest-teaching. Bill began teaching part time in the Restaurant and Resort Management program in 2000. Over the next four years he pursued his doctorate degree in Education and Human Resource Studies at CSU while pulling double duty at CSU and Front Range Community College. Bill has been instrumental in the development of three on-line instructional programs and acts as a internal consultant with his CSU colleagues regarding the design and instruction of on-line curriculum within the department. As a full-time faculty member, Bill divides his time between classroom instruction, student advising, I.T. activities, outcome assessment development, restaurant operations and instruction at the student-operated Aspen Grille Restaurant located in the Lory Student Center.


Jeff Miller

Aspen Grille Faculty, Jeff Miller Dr. Jeffrey P. Miller is an assistant professor in the Restaurant and Resort Management program in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University. He was a chef and food service management professional for twenty years before becoming a hospitality instructor in 1996. Dr. Miller has extensive experience in the food service operations. His academic areas of emphasis are food studies, alcohol beverage management, and research methods.




Garrett Overlee

Aspen Grille Faculty, Garrett OverleeGarrett Overlee graduated from the CSU Restaurant and Resort Management Program in 2005. 






Eric Milholland

Apen Grille Faculty, Eric Milholland Eric Milholland, MS, is an instructor and alumni of the Hospitality Management Program at Colorado State University. Eric graduated from CSU in 1997 with a BS in Psychology and a second major in Technical Communications. After working in the private industry for the next seven years in both management and logistics, he returned to Colorado State University to pursue a second BS in Hospitality Management. After graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2006, he began an interdisciplinary graduate program in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Education. During this time, he also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and special appointment faculty member in Hospitality Management. Earning his MS in 2010, he then began work on a PhD in Education. His research interest is education technology, specifically classroom response systems. His areas of academic emphasis include food principles and application, foodservice production, restaurant operations, and hotel operations.