50 Years Past, 50 Years Present

The Lory Student Center at Colorado State University has been, and always will be, a student-centered student center. In the 1950s, Dr. William E. Morgan worked closely with students to craft an image of CSU that brought the University 50 years into the future.  Morgan’s 30-year master plan still is seen University-wide and has its foundations in the ideas of the students that walked campus under his presidency.  This student impact resonates today:  It was students that voted to endorse an infusion of energy into their beloved home away from home.

This enthusiasm, loyalty, and student voice have carried CSU through nearly 142 years of excellence.  With the upcoming celebration of the LSC’s 50th anniversary, and the following revitalization efforts, we have the opportunity to celebrate our past, present, and future with the sense of family that makes us forever CSU Rams.

Every Colorado State student has the opportunity to leave a lasting mark; these members of the family have left a mark that surpasses bounds of time and place.  Welcome to our legacy:  50 years past, 50 years present.